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Roadhouse 45 "Hot Head"

Roadhouse 45 "Hot Head"


The Roadhouse 45, is a faithful, modernized version of Fender's '59 Bassman, an America classic whose DNA influenced the entire guitar amp industry. Top guitarists playing blues, rock, R&B, jazz and country, have established the 5F6A Bassman aws arguably the best guitar amplifier of all time. Crisp and clean at low volume, transitioning into smooth/thick overdrive when cranked up. A rock Solid choice for recording, with enough power for most any situations. 


Let the tone you feel, Be the tone you hear. 

  • Info

    Primarily designed and sized to be a head, with onboard 8" speaker(s) has the capability to use as a combo amplifier. Onboard speaker can be unplugged or used in conjunction with an 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet. 

    - Power: 45 watts

    - Controls: Volume (one per channel), Trebel, Bass, Middle and Presence 

    - Channels: 2 (jumperable) with 4 inputs 

    - Adjustable Fixed Bias

    - Highest quality components: Minimum 1 watt resistors (runs cool/reduces hum) and silver plated 20 ga. PTFE wire throughout. American made transformers

    - Cabinet: Beautifully Laquered Tweed, over hand selected pine

    - Speakers: Two 8" WGS Speakers 

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