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Roadhouse “Sidewinder”

Roadhouse “Sidewinder”


Roadhouse "Sidewinder"


Although a new look for Roadhouse, the "Sidewinder" is a road-ready workhorse. This striking 20 watt tube amplifier is rooted in Fender's G63 brown Deluxe. Be prepared for exquisit warm clean tones transitioning to a superb crunch when you step on the gas. The "Sidewinder" will get along very well with your pedals but for many, the exceptional dynamic response of this amp doesn't leave any gaps to fill. 

  • Features

    - Power: 20 watts, fixed bias

    - Channels: 1 

    - Inputs: 2

    - Controls: 1 Volume 1 Tone

    - Tubes: 2) 12ax7 pre-amp 2) 6v6 power 1)GZ34 rectifier 

    - Speaker: Jensen Alnico P12N

    - Cabinet: Snakeskin Tolex over hand selected pine. 

    - Highest quality components: Minimum 1 watt resistors, and silver-plated 20 ga. PTFE wire throughout. American made transformers

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