Roadhouse 15 "Hot Head"

Roadhouse 15 "Hot Head"


The Roadhouse 15 is our flagship amplifier. Guitarists want great tone, and this handsome tweed deliveres the goods! From bell-like clean tones, to signature overdrive, become avaliable using the interactive controls the 5E3 Deluxe is known for. Guitar Players of all genres appreicate the versatility, touch-sensative response, and dynamic sustain of this music amp circuit. You'll find the reliable Roadhouse 15, a great choice for the studio, and live performances. 

  • Info

    Primarily designed and sized to be a head, with onboard 8" speaker(s) has the capability to use as a combo amplifier. Onboard speaker can be unplugged or used in conjunction with an 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet.

    - Power: 15 watts

    - 2 Channels, 4 inputs 

    - Speaker: One 8" WGS Speaker

    - Tubes: Two 12 AX5's preamp, Two 6V6 power, one 5Y3 rectifier 

    - Cabinet: Laquered tweed over hand selected pine

    - Highest Quality components: Minimum 1 watt resistors and silver plated 20 GA. PTFE wire throughout

    - North American made transformers